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Agile Principles;

  1. satisfy customer
  2. work together
  3. welcome changing requirements
  4. deliver frequently (shorter timescale)
  5. support trust
  6. working software
  7. face-to-face conversation
  8. sustainable development
  9. continuous attention
  10. simplicity
  11. self-organizing teams
  12. reflect and adjust

Scrum and Kanban :

  • Scrum has rigid deadlines(sprints) while Kanban is more flexible.
  • Scrum has roles like scrum master, product owner, development team while Kanban has no certain roles.
  • Scrum board is changed at the start of each sprint, while Kanban board is used throughout the project.

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Sadullah TANRIKULU Author

I published this, because we need healthy hours, while working, coding, developing, thanks for reading :)