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Unpacking Flyimg 1.3.0: AVIF format, Smart cropping, New demo page, and more!



Embarking on a new journey with Flyimg 1.3.0, let's uncover the latest enhancements that keep this open-source image processing tool at the forefront of innovation. Revisiting the landscape explored in a previous article, we'll delve into Flyimg's new features, including AVIF support, a smart cropping flag, an interactive demo page, and its steadfast use of the Mozjpeg library for JPEG compression, along with the ability to generate WebP format.

AVIF Support:

Flyimg 1.3.0 now boasts support for the AVIF format, aligning itself with the cutting edge of image compression technology. AVIF brings forth superior quality and efficient compression, presenting developers with a potent option to optimize visuals without compromising loading times. Flyimg's embrace of AVIF enhances its capabilities, ensuring that it remains a versatile and future-proof tool for image processing.

Smart Cropping Flag:

Bid farewell to manual adjustments as Flyimg introduces the smart cropping flag in version 1.3.0. This intelligent feature takes the hassle out of fitting images to various layouts by automatically selecting the most relevant portion. Regardless of screen sizes or aspect ratios, the smart cropping flag ensures that your images consistently look impeccable, requiring minimal effort from developers.

Interactive Demo Page:

Version 1.3.0 introduces an interactive demo page, transforming theoretical discussions into hands-on experiences. Developers and enthusiasts can now experiment with Flyimg's features in real-time, tweaking parameters and witnessing immediate results. The demo page not only makes image manipulation accessible but turns it into an enjoyable journey for users exploring the capabilities of Flyimg.

Mozjpeg and WebP:

Flyimg 1.3.0 continues its commitment to high-quality JPEG compression by leveraging the Mozjpeg library. This ensures that Flyimg maintains its standards in delivering optimized and visually appealing JPEG images. Additionally, Flyimg doesn't stop at JPEG—it also supports the generation of WebP format, providing developers with a versatile range of options for efficient image delivery.


Flyimg, an open-source project since 2016, has seen gradual growth, with a notable nod from one company in the file. While contributions are modest, Flyimg remains a reliable tool in image processing. In the realm of web development, its steady journey reflects the enduring power of simplicity and reliability.

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