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A Caching Library, written in Swift that can cache Anything.

Needed a cache Library that has

  • [x] Asynchronous data downloading and caching.
  • [x] Asynchronous image downloading, caching and showing.
  • [x] Expiry date/time for all the objects individually.
  • [x] Multiple-layer hybrid cache for both memory and disk.
  • [x] Fine control on cache behavior. Customizable expiration date and size limit.
  • [x] Force refresh if needed.
  • [x] Independent components. Use the Cachy or CachyLoader system separately as you need.
  • [x] Can save JSON, UIImage, ZIP or anything.
  • [x] View extensions for UIImageView.
  • [x] Indicator while loading images.

Couldn't find any all in one solution, either it's too much or too less, so came up with this.

it's the first version there might be a lot of issues or bad, please point them out and how I can improve them.

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