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Frontend interview experience at CoinDCX

Hello folks,

I am glad that I am a part of CoinDCX organization now and got the opportunity to make crypto accessible to millions. In this post, I would like to share my interview experience at CoinDCX.

How did I apply

I was invited to a job search platform called Enthire via Linkedin by a Talent Acquisition Lead. It's a platform that helps candidates to get fast-tracked opportunities with verified employers by giving interviews with their Industry Experts. Depending on these interview results, Enthire recommends and helps us to apply for good opportunities on their platform.

Interview at Enthire - JS and DSA (45 mins)

Enthire conducted a generic frontend interview round that was focused on core JavaScript and DSA (data structures & algorithms). The difficulty level of questions on JavaScript was intermediate to advanced. The difficulty level of questions on DSA was beginner to intermediate.
I got a good rating ★★★★☆ in this interview round which allowed me to apply for CoinDCX.

Round 1 at CoinDCX - Assessment (1 hour)

My resume got shortlisted by CoinDCX and 1st round of assessment was scheduled. This was a multiple-choice quiz. Questions covered both frontend (HTML, CSS, JS, Angular) and aptitude. Many of the questions were tricky and challenging due to the time limits.

Round 2 at CoinDCX - System Design (45 mins)

The system design interview round started with a discussion on my core skills and framework knowledge. I was given a large component of the CoinDCX web application and was asked to design the system. I started by clarifying all my doubts and explaining my approach. Once I got the approval for the approach, I proceeded by breaking down this complex system into components. I explained the design of each component and finally the interaction & integration of the components to build the whole system.

I was then asked to code the logic for one of the components of this complex system in JavaScript. I explained the logic and coded the core functionality.

Round 3 at CoinDCX - Live coding round (1 hour)

The live coding interview round started with a few of the advanced questions on JavaScript concepts. As I was more comfortable coding React than Angular, I was asked to code a small component using React by sharing my screen. Once I came with the functional code, many more complicated scenarios were introduced to the same component. As Angular is the technology being used at CoinDCX I was given a new problem to code using Angular. Similar to the previous challenge, variations were introduced progressively.

Once the live coding session was over, many advanced questions were asked on JavaScript, CSS, and Angular framework.

Round 4 at CoinDCX - Cultural fit (1 hour)

The cultural fit interview round started with a few behavioral questions. Then there was a dedicated question on studying and coming up with a practical solution for a real-world problem (non-technical). It was more like a brainstorming discussion with no specific right answer. The rest of the 30 mins were focused on the responsibilities I was taking care of previously and more on the processes.


After a few days, I got to know from HR that I got selected. The whole interview process was super smooth and the interviewers were also highly knowledgeable. Fortunately, I was offered Senior Software development engineer (SDE2) at CoinDCX and happily accepted the offer.

Screenshot 2021-11-21 at 3.16.46 PM.png

I joined CoinDCX in the 1st week of April 2021 and so far my experience at CoinDCX is awesome. I wish to see my knowledge and career grow at CoinDCX similar to the price of ₿ bitcoin 📈 in recent years.

To know more about the frontend resources and frontend interview preparation, please visit Frontend Learning Kit which is a generic guide to crack interviews of any company for the role of frontend development.

Other opportunities

I had cleared the interviews at Byjus, MediaMonks, Glowroad, ORMAE, PhiGRC, SkillExchange, & Aroha and was rejected at Flipkart & Typeset. I had also applied for frontend roles at CureFit, FireEye, Amazon, Razorpay, Acko, Publicis Sapient, & MEX where my resume was either not shortlisted or never heard back.

I did not try to go through referrals for any of the companies in my job search process and utilized only the freely available platforms.

If you wish to be a part of CoinDCX and if you think you have the right skill set, then please visit Careers @ CoinDCX

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Congratulations. 🎉