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How to perform Vehicle Detection using Python and opencv

sachinp67495829 profile image Sachin pagar ・1 min read

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How to perform Vehicle Detection using Python and opencv
I love the idea of smart cities. The thought of automated smart energy systems, electrical grids, one-touch access ports – it’s an enthralling concept! Honestly, it’s a dream for a data scientist and I’m delighted that a lot of cities around the world are moving towards becoming smarter.

One of the core components of a smart city is automated traffic management. And that got me thinking – could I use my data science chops to build a vehicle detection model that could play a part in smart traffic management?

Think about it – if you could integrate a vehicle detection system in a traffic light camera, you could easily track a number of useful things simultaneously:

How many vehicles are present at the traffic junction during the day?
What time does the traffic build up?
What kind of vehicles are traversing the junction (heavy vehicles, cars, etc.)?
Is there a way to optimize the traffic and distribute it through a different street?
And so on. The applications are endless!
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