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10 Free Popular APIs For Your Upcoming Projects

Sachin Dahal
Updated on ・4 min read

As a beginner, we all always have thought of mastering our skills by taking it to the top. After clearing the basic levels of completing static projects, it can be whether a website or mobile applications, a little advanced topic will come in its way. Using APIs in a project is one of those.
Here, I've mentioned the curated list of the top 10 free and popular APIs for your upcoming projects. All the mentioned APIs will help you to be a better developer by integrating them all in your next projects. You can use all these APIs as practicing material or even in your commercial projects if it is required.

  1. OpenWeatherMap API
    free weather api
    Open weather map provides the current weather information for any location including over 200K cities. OpenWeather API is one of the very useful API for the programming beginners who wants to know about what are and how to use REST APIs in their any projects. You can check their official site for brief information about their API services.

  2. Marvel Comics API
    free marvel comics api
    Marvel comics API is the world's greatest comics API. This API helps the developers to create extraordinary websites and applications using their API data from the 70+ years of the Marvel age of comics. You need to first signup and get their API Key, then you'll be able to use their API by following their certain guidelines.
    Also, to the current period of time (June 2021), the Marvel API suite and a maximum of its portal are in the beta phase which marks this as an evolving project.

  3. Chuck Norris Joke API
    free joke api
    One of the best free and popular APIs to boost your API integration skills. This API is really made from the inspiration of famous actor Chuck Norris. This action star practically has his second career inspiring memes and jokes over the internet. After a simple request in /random route, you can retrieve a random joke as a response in JSON format.
    Jokes can be retrieved by searching via category, list of available categories, free text search, and so on. You can head over to the official site and have a look at the various supported APIs.

  4. TMDb API
    free tmdb api
    The Movie Database (TMDb) is a huge database of various movies and shows which is made by the community. Data of each movie here is added by the amazing community of the TMDb since 2008. Almost in every programming tutorial, the usage of TMDb API is really popular. This site provides a variety of API routes that serves the various movies on the basis of category, trending, highest-rated, and so on. You can definitely go to the official site and analyze the API and also could use it if you feel really interesting.

  5. Cat Facts API
    free cat facts api
    Cat facts API is the freely available API to use in your upcoming projects without any cost which any amount of request.

  6. Frankfurter API
    free money conversion rate api
    Frankfurter API is one of the best APIs to use in your next project. You can easily grab all the API usage concepts by heading upon its well-written documentation then you're good to go.
    This API tracks foreign exchange reference rates published by the European Central Bank. The data refreshes around 16:00 CET every working day.

  7. Free-To-Play Games API
    free games api
    Free-To-Play Games has a collection of various categorized games which provides the free API to get those lists of games by their defined API links. FreeToGame API is available for everyone to use without any restrictions. This API is free and easy to use and also the main thing is that it doesn't require any key to send the request.

  8. COVID-19 API
    free covid data api
    One of the best COVID-19 data providers. To date, 504M+ amount of requests is served by this API. This provides the latest COVID-19 related data which gets updated multiple times a day. This API is free and can be used at whatever you want to make without any restrictions which respond back all of its data in JSON format for easy integration to the developers.

  9. TheMealDB API
    free recipes api
    One of the most famous API for providing the best meal recipes data which is an open and crowd-sourced database contributed by peoples from all around tee world. The particular API and the site will remain free at a point of access. You can check the official API documentation for the clear usage of the API in your upcoming projects.

  10. Github API
    free github api
    A very famous REST API to use in any of your projects. With this API you can easily get all the necessary data by adding your request to the parameter or given endpoints. After using this API, you can easily grab the concept of using REST API in your incredible websites or applications.

Well, these all are the list of Top 10 Free and Popular APIs For Your Upcoming Projects. There are still a lot freely available APIs which you can use as a practicing material at the beginning phase and can also use for the releasing purpose. Only thing you need to do is more and more research in the inernet.

Happy Coding
Sachin Dahal

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