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I tried using CakePHP 4.0.8 🍓with Docker. (apach)




I'm going to write the procedure I'm writing on my_github here.

Thank you.

Step1 Up to the necessary container creation!

$ git clone

Clone and use the following command where docker-compose.yml file exists
$ docker-compose up --build -d

Check if the container was created successfully
$ docker ps


d6e752c1a5b7        2020_5_30_template_cakephp_apach   "docker-php-entrypoi…"   4 seconds ago       Up 4 seconds>80/tcp                  sample-apache-container1
602a4868b08b        2020_5_30_template_cakephp_mysql   "docker-entrypoint.s…"   4 seconds ago       Up 4 seconds>3306/tcp, 33060/tcp   sample-mysql1
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ip check
$ docker-machine ip default


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Confirm the pasted ip on your browser.
Alt Text

Step2 Enter apache container and install cakePHP

Enter the Apache container. The following command. d6e752c1a5b7, please put your own
$ docker exec -i -t d6e752c1a5b7 bash

apache in🚪

put composer
$ curl -sS | php

put cakePHP in composer
$ php composer.phar create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:4.* my_app_name

Set Folder Permissions ? (Default to Y) [Y,n]? → y → enter!

Move the contents of the cakePHP folder
$ mv my_app_name/* /var/www/html/


root@d6e752c1a5b7:/var/www/html# ls  bin  composer.json  composer.lock  composer.phar  config  index.php  logs  my_app_name  phpcs.xml  phpunit.xml.dist  plugins  resources  src  templates  tests  tmp  vendor  webroot
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If you reload the browser and it looks like the following, it's OK !!
Alt Text

It is OK to reload again as below !!
Alt Text

Exit the container
$ exit

apache out🚪

Setp3 Resolving any errors

The reason is a problem with file permissions, so
The following command.
$ chmod -R 777 apach/html/logs
$ chmod -R 777 apach/html/tmp

OK if you reload the browser and the error disappears

Step4 Create a database in Mysql container and complete the cakePHP database connection.

Enter the mysql container. 602a4868b08b, please put your own
$ docker exec -i -t 602a4868b08b bash

mysql in🚪

Login to mysql with mysql container
$ mysql -u root -p

If you are asked a password, you can use example
By the way, the password will not be displayed even if you type it!

Enter password: 
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 8
Server version: 8.0.20 MySQL Community Server - GPL

Copyright (c) 2000, 2020, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its
affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement.


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Create a database for this time in the mysql container

$ create database mydb01;
$ show databases; ← Just a confirmation command

exit from mysql container
You can get out by hitting $ exit; twice!

mysql out🚪

Modify the cakePHP file to connect to the database. Change the Datasources of "/apach/html/config/app_local.php" as follows.

    'Datasources' => [
        'default' => [
          'className' => 'Cake\Database\Connection',
          'driver' => 'Cake\Database\Driver\Mysql',
          'persistent' => false,
          'encoding' => 'utf8mb4',
          'timezone' => 'UTC',
          'cacheMetadata' => true,

          'host' => 'mysql',
             * CakePHP will use the default DB port based on the driver selected
             * MySQL on MAMP uses port 8889, MAMP users will want to uncomment
             * the following line and set the port accordingly
            //'port' => 'non_standard_port_number',

            'username' => 'root',
            'password' => 'example',

            'database' => 'mydb01',
             * If not using the default 'public' schema with the PostgreSQL driver
             * set it here.
            //'schema' => 'myapp',

             * You can use a DSN string to set the entire configuration
            'url' => env('DATABASE_URL', null),
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If possible, I think that the database connection can be made as follows.
Alt Text

Step5 Set up around apache so that cakePHP can be rewritten

apache in🚪
Enter the apache container
$ docker exec -i -t d6e752c1a5b7 bash

Command depression to activate the rewrite module
$ a2enmod rewrite
$ service apache2 restart

apache out (auto)🚪
Build Docker again
$ docker-compose up --build -d

If there is a file that has not been moved as follows, move it
Alt Text

It is OK if you hit it in the form of ip address / pages and return to the ip address!

The my_app_name folder is empty so delete it!

Step6 Create a little page and check the display.

Move to /apach/html and create a controller for user with the following command.
$ bin/cake bake controller users

Modify the following files created by the command
Comment out in index () as follows

    public function index()
        //$users = $this->paginate($this->Users);

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Then create a users folder in the /apach/html/templates folder. Create index.php file in it
There is no problem if you write something like the following in index.php!
Alt Text


It was my first post on!✨
Thank you for reading to the end!ヽ(´▽`)/

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sachikokame profile image

Thank you for your comment! !✨

I used the shape of the cakePHP file to touch on my computer

I would like to try something that can be completed on the container in the future!

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Basic Art • Edited

Hello sachiko, if you don't mind i would suggest you put your cakephp, composer etc. configuration into to your Dockerfile.