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Client Devsecops

This is a 5 articles series on how to design and implement more scalable, agile-aligned, and futuristic “Devsecops”.

This is the 5th article in the series.

If your platform is multi-client, you need devsecop to create client context(tenant) and associated rules, policies, configurations, data-pipelines etc. Many a times, this includes spawning new microservices specific to your client.

Client context should be deployed per platform, so as defined in infrastructure and platform devsecops, platform manifest file should have a place-holder for specifying client contexts to be deployed.

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Client specific configuration itself can be maintained in client manifest, which would be referred in infrastructure manifest file.

Client deployment should have separate workflows, that should be invoked based on clients list to be enabled for a deployment or not. Client identities should be maintained in infrastructure vaults.

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