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Flutter vs ReactNative, which and why?

Saber Hosney
Hey, I'm Saber (not a sword tho :") Basically a web developer. currently I'm enrolled in academic ComputerScience degree, I also Passed the 10,000 hours rule !! finally C++ Sucks just admit it .
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I hope you all still having a good day in this hot summer xd

What I'm trying to achieve in the short term?
An app that help customers contacts us and viewing their tickets.

What I'm looking for in the long term?
Something that integrates well with the tools we already use e.g

Why considering Flutter?
Flutter seems a decent choice since you can use Android/iOS-like components and the out-of-the-box support for firebase.

Why considering ReactNative?
We have used a similar tools before like VueJS. Also The syntax looks easier to me :D

I would like to know your opinions and recommendations, Thank you!

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Casey πŸ’Ž

Hey Saber,

Depending on your use case and how "risky" you're willing to get, you can use Vue for mobile development.

Having used all three my self here's how I'd look at it.

React Native is HUGE, community is there.

Flutter is growing at an amazing pace and uses Dart. Do you have engineers who are ready to learn a new language if they don't already know it?

Vue mobile frameworks, these are testy and should be thought through from a technical standpoint before actually deciding to use them - for a simple enough app, it should be fine.

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dastasoft • Edited

I have to consider two additional things:

  • Do you need high performance?
  • Do you need to use phone's bluetooth, camera and so on?

If not, you can consider doing it with regular React or Vue and turn it into a PWA that can be published in the store as well. From your description, the app looks like a regular CRUD app, so a PWA would be enough and you will have web and mobile versions with the same code base.

If you want to do it with a mobile framework, the advantage of ReactNative is that you can isolate the application logic in hooks and reuse them in other projects or in the web version. But the main advantage of these two frameworks is that they provide built-in components for using common things like the camera, gallery view, etc. Do you really need those things?

So consider your needs, there is no bad option.