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How do you manage Calendars in your company?

sabatesduran profile image Dídac Sabatés ・1 min read

At the company that I've been working for, since the biginning they have a shared iCloud calendar and it difficult to sync when we have new Android, Linux or Windows devices.

I would like to change it to a shared calendar that can be sync thought any platform, I know Google Apps is an option but we don't use it, we have an email provider.

Do you know any platform that can help to fix this problem?


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sabatesduran profile image
Dídac Sabatés Author

If someone is interested my solution (for now) is creating Google account with our custom domain name (like, it's free) for each employee and then share a calendar with every account.

I realized our mail service includes a CalDav server, but it seems not to work very well when I'm triyng to connect to it.

I choose Google Calendar because it has a simple integration with Mac, iOS, Android and Ubuntu Gnome.

cjbrooks12 profile image
Casey Brooks

Teamup Calendar is a neat option I've used before. Rather than having to invite people to the calendar, you can just make a public or password-protected calendar and just point everyone there. You can also add the calendar as an iCal feed to Outlook or most other calendar apps and it will get synced automatically.

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Dídac Sabatés Author

Thanks, I will check it out.