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Production code uses advance composition patterns and libaries like Redux for maintenance and testing. You don't have to use redux for your blog or a small app your building, but if you are building a real web app... use redux or another state management variant to scale your business effectively.

What we see is a lot of junior devs complaining about "unnessessary complexity" because redux has a steep learning curve. We need to look past this and let junior devs understand what real production code bases look like as they delve deeper into their careers and move up the corporate ladder or start something of their own


Very well said - this pretty much echoes my concerns. The notion that a state container adds complexity is somewhat misguided. It adds overhead and boilerplate - sure, but actually reduces complexity by making the application state transparent and predictable - an invaluable tool when debugging large codebases.

Good point regarding a "blog or small app" too - I have an article describing what happens when trying to build something of "moderate" size without proper state management not so long ago myself: Seriously - do React hooks replace state containers?


I would actually argue the exact opposite.
What I increasingly see is lot of mid-level devs mindlessly using tools just because they use them everywhere else regardless if their project actually needs it and establishing dictatorship over this because junior devs can't really challenge them. Usually when I see this in a company, at some point a senior dev comes in and almost always it results in mid-levels leaving project shortly after.

IMHO Redux is just an excuse to not having to think hard about your architecture.
Fundamental questions about development are like religion, you can never win discussing them.
Redux, scope models, Context etc. All been around for a long time and all are good tools to achieve end result, it is up to you to choose the right tool and use it well.

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