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Jenkins for DevOps: A Crash Course in Continuous Integration


To configure your Jenkins pipeline to automate the build and deployment of your AWS SAM application, your Jenkinsfile must contain lines that do the following:

Reference a build container image with the necessary runtime from the available images. The following example uses the build container image.

Configure the pipeline stages to run the necessary AWS SAM command line interface (CLI) commands. The following example runs two AWS SAM CLI commands: sam build and sam deploy (with necessary options).

This example assumes that you have declared all functions and layers in your AWS SAM template file with runtime: nodejs14.x.

pipeline {
agent { docker { image '' } }
stages {
stage('build') {
steps {
sh 'sam build'
sh 'sam deploy --no-confirm-changeset --no-fail-on-empty-changeset'
For a list of available Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) build container images for different runtimes, see Image repositories.

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