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Why "Scrollytelling" In UI/UX Design Matters More Than You Think?

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Scrollytelling is not a novel concept, rather it’s been around for many centuries. Nonetheless, it’s certainly become a greatly favoured way to tell stories through immersive scrolling experience among web creators.

The technique is targeted at engaging viewers increasingly by displaying content in a narrative, strategic manner. That is done to compel the visitor to interact with content that usually wouldn’t have stimulated their curiosity.

This popular concept, fascinatingly, has become one of the design trends worth considering. However, it is worth mentioning that scrollytelling is subjective and not universal. That means, you’ll have to customize the concept for your marketing and business goals.

Anyway, why scrollytelling is so loved?

5 Reasons To Adopt Scrollytelling As A Web Creator

No one would want to visit a web page displaying a truckload of content scattered confusingly. Who’s got the time n’ guts to do so?!

That’s where great UI comes in, of which scrollytelling gets a considerable share. That means your website “scrolling story or scrolly” can hugely impact its success. Why so? Because scrollytelling makes sure the visitor isn’t facing a relentless blizzard of information, all at once, which will only downgrade their experience on the site.

Here are 5 reasons why scrollytelling is so crucial in UI/UX design. Read on!

For smooth and interactive user experience

When it comes to creating immersive user experiences, UX (user experiences) and user interface (UI) always jump first in the mind of designers. In order to make the user interactive as engaging as possible, the best app design & development company will consider user expectations, needs, and wants as they craft a new product or platform.

To enhance interface aesthetics

Interface aesthetics aren’t solely for the “show” purpose, instead they’re functional. It is what the eyes notice that our minds decide to proceed. While creating interfaces, UX/ UI designers not only focus on ensuring that the site or applications appears aesthetically attractive but is also easy to handle and use. To achieve this goal, scrollytelling has a big role to play.

To make content immersive

It is the demand of scrollytelling to make the site’s content visually fascinating to the extent possible. To keep visitors scrolling through the content, making it engaging and interesting is of much importance. The more enjoyable your content becomes, the more time users spend on your platform.

To make information easily consumable

Scrollytelling, further, can also be used to break down complex info and deets into manageable chunks, thus making it digestible for users. Having confusing content on your site will only drive users away but easy-to-understand information displayed with attractive visuals promises to escalate the visitor count on the site.

To infuse an element of interactivity

Along with other interactive elements like animations, hover states, etc., scrollytelling is a great way to make the content on your platform highly interactive and engaging. So, not only web creators can reap the benefits from this amazing technique but users as well.

Whether it is mobile app development, web app development, or website development scrolytelling always pays off. Control the pace of your story and build an emotional connection with your users. With an additional layer of bewitching visuals and animations, the experience will surely become highly engaging for users.

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