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What Are Some Popular Apps Built With Flutter?

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Flutter has taken the app development world by storm. Thanks to its simplicity and immense user-friendliness, developers keep the framework at the forefront globally.

It is no surprise that Flutter has become a popular choice when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development. Not only are the solutions made with Flutter high-performing but as well fast for they are compiled using the C/C++ library which is nearer to the machine code.

To inspire you further, here are some amazing apps with exemplary features built with Flutter. Read on!

8 Popular Apps Built With Flutter


This award-winning International Trade Website chose Flutter to build its wholesale marketplace. The app facilitates its users to buy commodities from suppliers from different parts of the world, thereby making the convenience of global trade just a click away.


Reflectly is an AI-powered mindfulness and journal application. Built using Flutter technology, the solutions present new question sets to reflect upon throughout the day, offer actionable insights and advanced stats for personal development, and allow users to create a personal journal. With a beautiful interface and seamless experience, the application swings it all like a pro!

Google Ads

This is another solution built with Flutter that allows one to gain stats and insights on Android smartphones. Users can also improve the campaign by taking and acting on suggestions offered by Google experts. In addition to real-time notifications, alerts, and details of the campaign, Google Ads also allows the editing/ removing/ adding of keywords.


Hookle also chose Flutter as its chief framework. The solutions facilitate users to handle multiple social media accounts in one place, track social activity, and share posts. The platform assists by offering a single roof for creating and publishing posts for different social media channels and monitoring their progress and other activities happening on the platform.

Birch Finance

This credit card rewards app, built with Flutter assists users in managing as well as optimizing existing credit cards. Furthermore, it facilitates users to discover the best cards per their spending behaviour, monitors spending across multiple accounts, and notifies them of different ways of earning and redeeming rewards.


Cryptograph is a hub for the latest stats, figures, and data regarding cryptocurrencies. It tracks trends, news, and reports of over 1,600 cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), and more. It presents clear exchange rate charts so users can easily track and select profitable crypto coins and do much more.

Coach Yourself

Another meditation app built using Flutter, Coach Yourself targets a German-speaking audience. It aims to help users strengthen their personal development across diverse aspects while also assisting them in doing away with unwanted or unhealthy habits.

Water Maniac

Oftentimes, we end up ignoring our water intake. To help you with that Watermaniac app was built using Flutter. The app monitors the amount of water the user has consumed and lets users personalize notifications to remind them to drink water.

A Quick Wrap-Up

Flutter offers many benefits such as quick deployment, allows single codebase for both Android and iOS, simultaneous application updates, and more. Its efficiency and simplicity are the reason why the technology is gaining popularity constantly, especially among cross-platform development frameworks.

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