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Discussion on: Building JavaScript Frameworks to Conquer eCommerce

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Ryan Carniato Author

Yeah there are a few different ways to attack this. SPAs can be made pretty slim, and slim enough that if the use case merits running everything in JavaScript it isn't a problem. Even with huge sites. It's just a question of if the type of site really benefits from it or cares about the upfront cost. And you can always have multiple SPAs.

I talk about how React Server Components don't handle the ruthless case, but they are more than adequate for the large site that would be a SPA. Some parts of the app probably work better server rendered. For a framework like Next, it means maybe removing the need for an explicit API service. Forget GraphQL just author your site. This is powerful technology.

But this can't account for the bottom-line case. If your business is built on page loads and secondary navigations mean they are already in the funnel, it's worth considering how much more streamlined this can be.