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For me, it comes down to reliability across different skills.

  • If assigned a task, will it be solved?
  • Will the technical solution be simple, easy to understand, tested, and documented?
  • If they have questions, will they communicate those effectively, make good use of the other person's time, and use those answers to keep moving forward?
  • If they are collaborating, will they do their homework and be prepared to actively participate in the meeting?
  • If they come across a problem, will they provide reasonable solutions to consider?
  • If they are confident that their solution is the way to go and that it won't negatively impact the team, or isn't a huge departure from current practices, will they move forward and implement it on their own?
  • If they are unsure and need a second opinion, will they reach out and provide the right amount of background information?
  • If they have an idea for improvement that is a bigger process change, will they know how to communicate it and follow through on it?
  • If I send them a message, will they see it and respond?
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