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What Takes to Create a Cloud-based SaaS Application?

ryanmiller profile image Ryan Miller ・4 min read

Create a Cloud-based SaaS Application

Introduction to Various Categories of Cloud Computing

Functional areas of Cloud computing are divided into three main categories: SaaS (Software as a service), PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). SaaS will essentially eliminate the need to acquire additional hardware and all other expenses related to it.

categories of cloud computing

What is SaaS?

What is SaaS

  • Organizations that make use of SaaS will not require installation and execution of the applications on their own computer devices within their data centers. Organizations have to simply subscribe to a SaaS offering with a monthly payment model in general.

  • Various costs can be transitioned into recurring operating expense which in turn will allow businesses to exercise in a better way.

  • SaaS allows customers to access the features on demand.

  • Provider of SaaS service initiates updates automatically from time to time and simultaneously in-house security staff do not have to worry about it.

How to Make a Cloud-based SaaS Application?

SaaS applications are essentially to be built in cloud. The software that is required to be assembled. The programming language to be used, the software tools to be deployed and the language which will be used in building up the application must be decided in advance. A lot of brainstorming is required to be done in order to select a suitable programming language to create a SaaS application.

How to make a cloud based SaaS Application

Programming Language

Although a normal SaaS application can be built by making use of any programming language that is required to build a web application, still the most popular ones are: Python, .net/C#, Java, PHP

Few essential points that must be kept in mind:

  • All the technical as well as business requirements of the business need to be considered as all the frameworks and corresponding programming languages are tailored to solve certain specific problems. The one which is closer and which better suits to the needs of the business will be given priority.

  • As there can be various approaches to create a SaaS application, therefore it is easy and safe to create a minimum viable product first that solves major part of the problem. If this satisfies the client, this idea can further be elaborated to create a fully functional application.

  • A developer must always look for better alternatives in case of a programming language and must not cloud their judgement, in case they are more comfortable in working over certain language.

  • A SaaS application will sustain only if they are being built by making use of conservative programming language, that make use of frameworks in intermediate layers, automated testing frameworks and continuous integration environment and an experienced testing team.

Managed Database

It is important to have an organized document oriented database into the list as opposed to traditional relational database. Every instance is independent of every other instance in the database in case of document-oriented database which gets their type information from the data itself. This technique allows in reducing the database size substantially and thus gives a richer programming experience.

Queuing System

A normal SaaS application essentially makes use of asynchronous communication protocol in which the sender and receiver do not have to necessarily communicate at same time. Web applications run at different time and communicate asynchronously with third party.

AWS and EC2

Amazon Web Services helps in executing web pages and also assists in performing high speed batch jobs. In addition to this, installation of EC2 inclusion of new servers and resources easily.

Web Storage S3

It makes available storage highly scalable. It is easy to use, simple and makes it extremely easy to store and retrieve the data.

Content Delivery Network

It is a simple arrangement of distributed servers that helps serve content to users accessing the content from different locations with high performance and availability.

Integration of WordPress with SaaS

Single site solutions that have everything that users require can easily be extended on to SaaS by help of different roles, capabilities and subscription based payment plans. Every user of the application gets a more granular control and separation of concern with more security.

What Affects a SaaS Application Development?

App developers in India and across the globe have to rely on outside vendors to get the licensed software, must rely for their updates and maintain them for accurate tracking and billing facilities.

Any unwanted changes to service offerings by the service providers can also lead to service disruptions which can in turn lead to security breach.

Customers are required to play safe and read all policy documents including service level agreements beforehand and ensure that they are being enforced.

A SaaS application development can be hampered by three barriers:

  • Issues with data security
  • Fear of security breaches
  • Lack of integration between applications

The figure below illustrates the latest state of SaaS in the enterprise:

enterprise saas development


Cloud app development occurs in same way as a normal web / mobile application and must be properly structured, designed and tested like traditional applications. SaaS reduces the need to have costly hardware and installation charges associated with them. Some of the most common examples of SaaS prevalent these days: Customer relationship management applications like Salesforce, storage solutions like Box and dropbox, productivity software suites like Google Apps etc.

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