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Ryan Haber
Ryan Haber

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Why Does The C Programming Language Refuse to Die (link)


Cool article I came across.

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Andrew (he/him)

I firmly believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of C.

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Tinashe Kupfuwa

Such a beautiful article, as a Software Engineering undergrad , I've always felt like I was learning an old language, whenever I met with other programmers who are doing Web- based development, Python or Ruby, but after reading this article , I now know why so many of them are learning script languages and so forth instead of C, its fear!

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Actually the reason most of my basic coding skills were cemented was due to C. Had it not be for that rigor I don't think my coding intuition would have been as decent as it is today. I miss working with C sometimes.

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Ryan Haber

Yeah, I have a similar experience.