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10 Web Development YouTube Channels You Probably Didn't Know About

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If you are a web developer who is constantly searching for tutorials on YouTube, you’ve definitely come across Traversy Media, Dev Ed, The Net Ninja and some other cool instructors creating awesome content for web developers. However, there are a few more you probably didn’t know about.

Of course, most of these channels may not presently be as popular as the ones mentioned above, but the content they create is truly informative. So, let’s have a look at some of these:

Coding Addict

This channel by John Smilga features a whole bunch of high quality tutorials on various topics such as Bootstrap, CSS, React, ES6, etc. Instead of simply talking about the syntax, John actually walks you through the entire process of building projects using various web technologies.


Created by Dom, a web developer from Australia, the channel has 100s of awesome tutorials on technologies like JavaScript, Rust, PHP, CSS and many more. Make sure to check out the JavaScript playlist that has over 180 videos for beginners, intermediate and experts.


The channel has some great content related to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, React.js and Node.js to name a few. Jesse, the owner of the channel has the right teaching skills to make complicated concepts look simple. He also has a few 'Learn X in Y minutes' styled videos that are worth checking out.

Drew Ryan

Want to learn how to build a complete responsive website using Bootstrap? Drew Ryan has some amazing tutorials in store for you. You can also check out his premium courses on Udemy.


This is without a doubt, one of my go-to channels to learn React. Not just React, the channel has a lot of great content related to CSS, Vue.js, mongoDB, Node.js, etc. At the time of writing this post, the channel has over 180 thousand subscribers and definitely deserves a lot more than that.

Online Tutorials

If a CSS Ninja is what you aspire to be, ‘Online Tutorials’ is a channel you should be subscribing to right away. An interesting thing about the channel is that the tutorials contain no audio explanation. However, the instructor walks you through the entire project from scratch, ensuring that the pace is right, so that you are able to code along.

Code Explained

One of the best ways to move from being a JavaScript beginner to an intermediate is to build apps. If you are looking for code-along video tutorials on how to build fancy JavaScript apps, check out Code Explained. Apart from helping you build a To-do list, a budget app or a calculator, the instructor also show you how to create complex games such as the Flappy Bird, Ping Pong and Tetris.

Ania Kubów

If building JavaScript games is what excites you the most, this channel is sure to further add up to your excitement. Minesweeper, Tetris, Candy Crush, Pac Man and of course, the classic snake game, this channel can help you build all of these. Apart from games, the channel also has short videos on various concepts related to Vanilla JavaScript and React.js.


Apart from web development, the channel also has a good number of videos on how to design user interfaces in Adobe XD. Moreover, you can also find some beginner-friendly Photoshop tutorials on the channel.

Tyler Moore

Finally let's talk a bit about WordPress. If you've just got a client who urgently needs a website, WordPress comes at your rescue. However, if you haven't worked with WordPress before, a few tutorials can definitely help get started. On this channel, Tyler Moore shows you how to build beautiful looking WordPress websites step by step with no step skipped.

So, these were the 10 YouTube channels I feel are worth bookmarking and definitely deserve a lot more subscribers and likes. If you know of a similar YouTube channel that is worth bookmarking, do let us all know about it.

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Just another guy staring at the code on the screen and wondering what it actually does.


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I started with web development in 1997 and been teaching web design & development at my local College since 2003. A few years ago I started a tutorial channel for my students.
It has started to grow well beyond my students with over 30k subscribers now.


Hi Steve I subscribed in your channel.


Thank you sir. It is a great help


I love your channel. It has helped me get my mind around some tricky concepts. Thank you!


Hi Steve. Awesome channel. Great stuff, especially the easy-to-understand JavaScript vids.


Hope it helps a lot of people.


I missed few developer channels! My total developer channel subscription list is around 350.

Some day, I will be added into this list!

I'm also having a small (very small) youtube channel called Vuelancer


Wow. 350 is huge. As and when you get time, do share with us some of those channels, ones that you feel are not too popular yet but still put out some great content for devs. All the best for your channel. Will definitely check it out. Keep rocking. 👍


Let me check all the channels and how to extract the my subs data!
Once I did, I will comment here!


Hi, I also have a Youtube Channel, in which I discuss tutorials, and react.js projects SEO, SSR.
Please check it out and maybe we can collaborate on something.

Video : youtube.com/watch?v=66owdRkc8pI
Channel : youtube.com/c/CodersLifeSimplified


Hi Anant. Nice content buddy. Also, love the name of the channel - Coders Life. :)


Kent C Dodds should for sure be on this list


Yes, Kent is, without a doubt, an awesome instructor. I remember taking one of his React courses on egghead.io


I particularly appreciate codeSTACKr and Ania Kubów channels, but there are also a couple ones in the list that I didn't know about. Thank you, going to check them :)


nice list thanks for sharing. You should also add this channel on your list, they also have great videos and tips for Javascript developers


Yes, without a doubt, a great learning resource for JavaScript devs. Thanks for sharing. :)


That's a cool one. Nice content. Thanks for sharing. 👍


Gary Simon of Coursetro and Kevin Powell are 2 of my go-to guys for all sorts of coding and design tutorials.


Yes. The two are awesome. Have learnt a lot about design from Gary Simon, and 'Responsive Layout Secrets' from Kevin.


Ania Kubów videos are so fun! I've built the memory game so far.


That's cool. I remember having a hard time understanding the logic behind building the game a couple of years ago, when I first got started with JavaScript. Did take me a few days though. But, in the end, I managed to build a decent one, with a whole lot of bugs 😂


Nice article! Shame my Channel isn't on the list haha. Maybe next year 😄


Hi buddy. Awesome content. Truly helpful. Watched your video a couple of days ago. I guess the title was 'Responsive web design without media queries'. Not exactly sure about the title, but have the video bookmarked. Great stuff.


Thanks for sharing! I will be getting fun with Ania Kubów and her games on js😎


Glad you liked it. Yes, her channel is a great resource for devs wanting to learn game development with JavaScript.


Coding Addict by John Smilga is insane good! The guy deserver recognition for his work.


Yes, John Smilga is an awesome instructor.


Code Explained to me is one of the best YouTube channel for learning Web Development. I've not seen any channel that is close to it in terms of explaining complex things in the most simplest way.


Code Explained is cool. Have learnt a lot about JavaScript from him, John Smilga of Coding Addict and and Traversy Media.