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Learning HTML for Technical Writing

Learning HTML for Technical Writing 😁

Markdown allows us to write HTML in a quick and fluid way.
We use this on the regular for our code reviews, comment sections and README files again and again.

Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough

not bold bold 1 bold 2
not italic italic 1 italic 2
not strikethrough striked

HTML Challenge - Using Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough in a Paragraph

The teacher is having me write a paragraph and use bold, italic, and strikethrough.

Block Quotes and Horizontal Rules

"Jump up, jump up to get down"

Add a Line Break

Scrimba really is the perfect platform for teaching something like Markdown. The interactive challenges and custom technology has been designed with this in mind.

"You do you. I'm doing me" -RWS

Lists Ordered and Unordered

Ordered List

  1. Fill a 3 quart pot with 1.5 quarts of water.
  2. Bring water to boil.

    1. Keep the temperature below 180.
    2. Stir frequently.
  3. Add 1 lbs peeled shrimp.

Unordered List

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Shoe laces

Challenge: 3 Pieces of Information

Ok gang, it's time to pack for our camping trip. I'll provide you with a list of items you should think about bringing along.

  • tent
  • hiking poles
  • toothpaste

Here's the order of boarding the bus:

  1. Lineup by height.
  2. Allow smallest students to board first.
  3. The oldest kids will sit in the front.

Code Blocks

youtubeChannel: ''  
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Image description

YouTube Channel

I'm Ryan Sternberg a seasoned technical writer looking to become more familiar with coding. I'm a man. Here's a link to my website []

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Extended Syntax - Tables

Left Center Right
1 2 3

Extended Syntax - Automatic URLs

My Channel

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