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Taming misconfiguration chaos with Resourcely

Misconfiguration of cloud infrastructure is the root cause of slow developer velocity and prolific incidents causing millions of dollars in damage.

Resourcely is a cloud resource configuration platform, built to give developers a paved road for deploying quickly and securely. tl;dr Resourcely generates secure-by-default Terraform code for anything that can be managed with a terraform provider.

Join Resourcely's CEO, Travis McPeak, on April 16th as he walks through why misconfiguration exists, the impact it has on businesses around the world, and how Resourcely can help increase developer velocity and mitigate incident risk.

Resourcely exists to make cloud resources more secure and make developers' lives easier. In a DevOps world, developers have too many responsibilities, including writing code, testing code, deploying their services, responding to outages, provisioning cloud services, and keeping their services secure. With so much on their plate, developers need tools that give them best practices in these areas without thinking about them.

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