How do you use Night Mode?

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I notice that some sites and apps have night mode as an immediately accessible toggle, some have it on the first level of a popout menu, and others still have it buried a few menus deep in the settings.

Do you find yourself often switching to and from night mode? Do you set it once and use it all the time, day and night? Or do you ignore it?

Personally, I tend to prefer the darker scheme so if there's a night mode I'll leave it on all the time.

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I'm with you, if there is a dark/night mode then that is always my first choice, maybe it's just my age but I find it easier on my eyes and I prefer to have a less than well-lit work environment.


I use it all the time. Whenever I use a new application, the first thing I do is to look for a dark mode, and if I find it, I never switch back.


I use Dark Reader extension for Chrome (and chromium) browser. It turns pretty much every site into dark/night mode. Unfortunately, it does not work on very well, so I use the "document.body.className = 'night-theme';" early-stage dark mode here.

Building a side project, I am making it "dark-mode first".

I am very careful about my eyes, so I also use blue light blocking glasses (also because of sleep quality) and 'night-light' feature in a Windows 3 hours before I go sleep.


Generally speaking, on my PC and at work I'll try to use night mode a lot. Simply because it's easier on the eyes. On my phone it will depend on the time of day. If it's bright it's on whatever brightness it needs to be with night mode off, otherwise if I'm just in the house night mode is normally on automatically. I've also set it to automatically come on about 9pm to help my eyes tire a bit more naturally.


Only on 9GAG, because I usually browse before sleeping. The rest is all normal mode.


As for me if there's such night mode possibility then there should be an option could set it to auto mode, so that you don't have to be worried whether that's day or night.


+1 I always use night mode (or even a dark theme)


Depends on just how dark it is. Sometimes they can be hard to read in the day time. My favorite are apps like Twitteriffic that change modes based on time of day on their own.

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