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Joplin note sharing tool(generate blog)




Are you as annoyed as I am with the trouble of maintaining notes and blogs in sync at the same time? If you use joplin as a note taking tool and hexo/vuepress as a blog generator, you can choose this tool to connect them.


Way 1

  1. add the configuration file .joplin-blog.json (refer to configuration for details)
  2. export notes as a blog using the command npx joplin-blog

Way 2

  1. navigate to the hexo blog directory at the command line
  2. add dependency yarn add -D joplin-blog 3. add configuration file .joplin-blog
  3. add a configuration file .joplin-blog.json (refer to configuration for details)
  4. add an npm script file "imp": "joplin-hexo" 5.
  5. Run the command yarn imp 6.
  6. You can see that the source/_posts directory already contains all the exported notes




configuration type description
type hexo/vuepress type of integrated blog
rootPath string hexo/vuepress directory, which should normally be .
joplinProfilePath string joplin personal folder
token string token for joplin web service
port number joplin web service's port
tag string joplin's blog tag


configuration type description
stickyTopIdList string[] top note ids (only works with fluid topics)

I used this tool to share 170+ notes, blog address (Chinese)

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