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re: Also, I started my career not ever touching, or even knowing React/Vue/Angular existed. I studied C#/.NET in an online bootcamp and started as a JR...

I’ve been searching for a design or dev job for over a year, everyone has said because i don’t know all these weird languages and even the project managers use javascript. I really like html and css but now everyone uses javascript to write html and css...it is so confusing. I don’t like programming at all...but that is how life is. I might be more interested in it if i understood how it’s actually used but all the explainations are over my head. Someone else suggested learning python before javascript..i can’t figure out what python does. Objects?

Yeah, there is a lot to learn. And every job will have different requirements.

Yes, Angular, Vue, React are very popular requirements. But I think you should start at JavaScript. I was wrong to assume and push Typescript on you. So please forgive me for adding to your confusion.

The coding train is geared towards younger students, but it's a great tool to get into JavaScript. And you don't have to download anything. I highly recommend just grinding with that and see what you think, then just start experimenting. Find something you would enjoy doing. Like creating a site, or making a program that calculates something useful for you. Start small, and just get messy with the code.

I would be more than happy to help you think through the blocks you run into. I am sure most people would. But for the sake of your own sanity, take a step back from learning programming just to meet a job requirement and get some foundational concepts down and a bit of experience in one language before branching out.

Truth me told, the easiest way to describe Angular/Vue/React and the technologies that "replace" HTML, CSS. They DON'T replace CSS or HTML they compile down to HTML/CSS. That means that you aren't wasting your time learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript before learning these other technologies. Most companies, if they see that you worked hard to get down the basics, will invest in you to get into those technologies.

Thank you for breaking down and explaining the technologies...it's is helpful to see how they work together. Thank you for the coding train link as well, I'll give this a try. I worry a lot whenever i see computer programming and math terms... maybe that's why nothing make sense to me.

Originally I was excited about javaScript because it seems to be so popular for UX and UI designers for adding interactivity to the web....visual behaviors and enhancements. So far everything has to do with data and weird math equations...stuff I never liked or learned how to do. Maybe JavaScript isn't for me. I'll try out the videos and maybe something will help.

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