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Ruzindana Guillian
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Week Four as a TaskForce

Hey everyone 👋

As week four is coming to an end, I'm going to share with you everything that was done.
We started off reviewing the developers' implementation of the mockups, to help them correct where they went wrong and also to help them pay attention to small details which they usually tend to miss.


Later on, we attended the design thinking session with Olaf, where we learnt about the stages of design thinking and how the completion of a good project depends on those stages. We also learnt how to create and use personas in projects by giving them as much details as possible, in order to put ourselves in the user's shoes so as to design the best user-friendly application or website. #DesignThinking #CodeOfAfrica

The next soft skill was about Client communication in an agile world, where we learnt its basics and frameworks which were very interesting to know about, and I believe it will be of great use in our future designer and developer careers.

And lastly, we attended a Time management session, which I think everyone needs mostly in our work environment, where things tend to overload us due to different reasons, such as procrastination in my case 😒 (just a few times) .

Good thing is, I got some tips on how to overcome that by setting and keeping deadlines and organize, schedule & plan, which I promise to use in order to deliver a well done work without stressing myself due to procrastination. #SayNoToProcrastination 😊

All in all, week four was very insightful and educative, I learnt a lot and I am looking forward to apply all that in my everyday life and also in my work.

Super excited to start week 5. See you there guys :)

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