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Discussion on: npm@6.13.0

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Ruy Adorno Author

Worry not @crates , early on the RFC process we realized that would be an important requirement and we shipped it since v6.13.0 with the support to a fund config that allows users to mute the post-install message.

There are multiple ways you can toggle it:

  • As a command option: npm --no-fund
  • As an .npmrc option: just add fund=false to your .npmrc file (either local to a project or global at your $HOME directory) more info on npmrc files here

Thanks for the comment, that can def be useful to other people 😊

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Thanks so much for the quick response... like any true hacker, I read the docs and inferred this for myself, and I can confirm that it's working fine for me. Thanks again for your awesome contributions. Keep up the good work bruv!

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