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Discussion on: Women in Computer Science: How bad can it be?

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Ruth Evans

Developer Patricas Aas has written some wonderful survival tips for women in tech that I wish I had read before I started my career.

I studied computer science and am currently in my second job as a software engineer for a great company. I love my role, am treated well, and feel safe. There are no other women in the company which is a shame but it's a small startup and I hope this changes as we expand.

My first job was not so good. On my first day my (lady!) manager told me not to be nervous because I can flick my hair and ask a boy to help me. This was especially cruel because as an ugly girl this has never been the case 😅
I was constantly being pressured to change to a management role because 'women are good with people' (but I'm not!) and it took me a looong time to get over my impostor syndrome because some of the people I worked with truly did believe I couldn't or shouldn't be there.

I stayed in my first job for 6 years because I thought everywhere would be the same and I would just have to put up with it if I wanted to work in this field that I enjoy so much. I don't know how you'll be treated when you start your career but if it isn't well then I hope you look for a new role and try again because you can and deserve to be treated with respect.