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Discussion on: Software Engineering is a Loser’s Game

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Milan Rusimov

Good article and good analogy with the real life example, but I don't think that software development is a loser's game.
You only play a loser's game when you don't learn from the mistakes you make and from other people mistakes.
It's impossible to not make a mistake whatever you are doing in your life.
And there is nothing bad in making mistakes.
Most open minded people encourage themselves and people around them to make as much mistakes they can and to celebrate them, because mistakes are a essential part of the life and the process.
They can't be ignored.
The point is not to don't make any mistake, but to make them as much as you can and to reflect on them and learn from them.

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Tyler Hawkins Author

Some clarification that might be helpful:

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Milan Rusimov

Thanks for clarification.
You obviously made a mistake since you got so many comments and had to clarify additional things, and that's great.
You will definitely learn something from this post.
On the other side, you made a great headline since so many people read this.
Anyway, congrats on your courage to publish the post.
Keep up the good work and good luck 🙂