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Tapajyoti Bose
Tapajyoti Bose

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Why Every Programmers Must Blog

When people hear the term Programmers, they think of people who write code, add new features, or perhaps iron out existing bugs in a project.

But a small subsection of this population put out content such as Blogs or YouTube videos. You might be wondering:

How is it related to becoming a better developer?

This article will answer this question and provide you some of the benefits of putting out content, mainly focusing on blogging, and how it can help you level up.


1. You become a better communicator

When you start putting out content two of the earliest fears that will paralyze you are not being an expert and not being a good communicator.

Even if those fears are true, the only antidote to them is to action. Yes, your first blogs might not be great, but over time you will learn to communicate better and that will not only help you in your profession but in your personal life too.

And always remember:

Every Pro once started as a Noob


2. You become a better developer

While writing an article, you will often need to research a topic in-depth, leading you to pick up new concepts.

Occasionally, you will end up making a few errors in your blogs, but the community would help you resolve them with positive criticism, which can further boost your skills!


3. Blogging is Job Search on Steroids

Put Points (1) and (2) together, combined with the increased visibility you get through your blogs, you will get exposure to the degree you didn't know was possible. You no longer have to go job hunting, instead of recruiters will be contacting you.

You might also end up finding much better opportunities than what you think you deserve, eg: I have 2 years of experience (internship & freelance) and I am pursuing my bachelor's, but I end up getting a lot of job offers for senior positions (I prefer freelance for the flexibility and mindblowing pay though).

job search

4. Growing your Network becomes a Piece of Cake

You know the saying:

It's not what you know, but who you know

Creating and sharing content is a great way to build your network, connect with other people, and help them get to know you.

When you show up consistently, it helps you stay top of mind, strengthens your relationships, and even builds your community.


5. Helping others has never been easier

Most programmers turn to text-based solutions, like blogs or Stack Overflow, to solve their issues quickly as text-based options are far faster to implement than video based solutions.

Luckily, the barrier to entry for blogging is quite low, you can get started with any device and an internet connection. Of course, the fear of being judged persists, but the sooner you start putting yourself out there, the sooner the fear gets flushed out of you.


Best of luck with your Blog!

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Thanks for reading

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These are a few commonly asked questions I get. So, I hope this FAQ section solves your issues.

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Top comments (14)

utkarsh736 profile image

Hey Tapajyoti,
Lovely article I had recently started blogging about Data Science and as you mentioned I have started to grow my network(bit by bit).
My main objective was to get better at communication about my projects and what I learned from them,
And aslo connect with people of similar interest.
After my blog was published by a publication on medium that themselves reached out to me my confidence has also grown.

I was thinking about starting to blog about my web-development journey and your article is pushing me in the right direction.
Although I'm at a very beginner stage in web-dev, but I think I can bridge the gap between someone completely new and advanced level developers.

ruppysuppy profile image
Tapajyoti Bose

Congratulations Utkarsh! Best of luck for your journey forward!

utkarsh736 profile image

Thank you, all the best to you as well.

renanfranca profile image
Renan Franca

Thank you for remember me of the bright side of blogging. Recently, I met the dark side when I couldn't keep up blogging weekly 😅

dhravya profile image

Same experience, I posted stuff every day, and don't feel like keeping up 💀

renanfranca profile image
Renan Franca

Everyday is really really hard! Try to change the pace 😊
Congratulations for your docker blog post 👏

Thread Thread
dhravya profile image

Thanks a lot! 😊 didn't expect it to end up that good, to be honest haha

v1rani profile image
Dmitry Shamshurin • Edited

Hey! Your article is really nice and has very good points. I totally agree with it. I have just started writing myself.
I got inspired by some problem that I faced during my work, so I just couldn't resist writing something about it. Turned out, I'm enjoying it since it not only helps me to understand the topic better, but this feeling of getting some knowledge (in hopes that it helps someone once) is just great.
Your article just inspired me to continue writing more, thank you!

diballesteros profile image
Diego (Relatable Code)

I've done a ton of coffee chats over the past month and I always suggest blogging. Such a good way to learn and document your journey.

hannudaniel profile image
Hannu-Daniel Goiss

you bring great points! love the post!

abin_john profile image
Abin John

Lovely read! Thanks for sharing.

8925431475 profile image
8925431475 • Edited

Yes, blog is very important to the all developers to learned any concept deeply

westernal profile image
Ali Navidi

Great article!

miguelmj profile image

Not every developer must blog. Please, stop putting that pressure on developers who might not have time or that can, in fact, become great developers without blogging.
I know you mean well, I'm sure you will help some people with this message, but I'm so tired of seeing this title once a week...