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Tapajyoti Bose
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7 Developer Portfolio for inspiration

Coming up with original ideas for your portfolio can be a challenge. Here are some ideas to draw inspiration from!

1. Bruno Simon

If you have ever tried to get your feet wet in the world of 3D websites, you must have heard Bruno Simon's name. He is the creator of Three.js Journey and boy oh boy, his portfolio reflects quite well why he is the leader in this niche!

His website is a video game, where you take control of a jeep and drive around a 3D world, where you can explore the different sections of his portfolio. The website is an incredible example of how you can make your portfolio stand out!


2. Robby Leonardi

Another example of a website that stands out! Robby Leonardi's portfolio is another interactive resume, where you can scroll down to explore his work and learn more about him!


3. Nitin Ranganath

Another website with a creative & fresh idea, Nitin created his portfolio as a VS Code editor!


4. Dejan Markovic

This website has a distinct style that deviates from traditional websites, but executes on it with great finesse!


5. Hype4

An extremely minimalistic website with a super clean & professional design.


6. Jacek Jeznach

This is a prime example of superb micro-interactions that can drive up retention! Even though ads on the website are extremely annoying, the attention to tiny details is worth checking out!


7. Tapajyoti Bose

Of course, I couldn't leave out a bit of harmless (& shameless) self-promotion. So the last item on the list is my portfolio (even though it's a tad outdated)! 馃槣

It's a basic single-page portfolio with scroll animations!


That's all folks! 馃帀

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Top comments (23)

lucaswinkler profile image
Lucas Winkler • Edited

Good list. I've seen a lot of great ones but I can't remember them all.

Brittany @ has a great portfolio though.

Oh and here's mine:
There's a decent amount of things I would like to improve on it but I'm leaving that for another time as I'm working on other projects atm.

johnnyreilly profile image
John Reilly

Not sure if it quite qualifies as a portfolio page (though maybe it does?) - but I'm quite happy with the about page on my blog. A decent amount of interesting information and reasonably presented:

code_regina profile image

These are very interesting ways to show off the skills of each developer.
It is motivating and eye opening to see what can be done to show others what you are capable of. I think developer portfolios/resumes are more interesting and interactive because it allows the level of creativity to be visibly shown and demonstrated to anyone as well as easy to understand.

bravebox profile image
Mick Schouten

Not perfect as I never got to add work haha but little fun with svgs on my portfolio

wesllycode profile image

Very nice

mikas profile image
Michael Kaserer

Leaving my portfolio here as well for some inspiration:

Let me know if you like it or have feedback for it

banzaman profile image
Mark Rubanza

actually I liked yours better
nice work man

shreyvijayvargiya profile image
shrey vijayvargiya

Here's mine, not the top but will improve the UI after getting inspiration from the other's portfolio you have just shared.

yukikimoto profile image
Yuki Kimoto - SPVM Author


luiscastellonaco profile image
Luis Felipe Castell贸n Edwards

Really cool list, one of my biggest challenges is creativity when it comes to design a website. The list above makes it a little easier 'cause you can have a start point.

johannchopin profile image
johannchopin • Edited

Those are really great portfolios 馃憦 However I don't get why they do not share their Stackoverflow profile with it 馃 I specially created the project stackoverflow-readme-profile for this purpose.

tr11 profile image
Tiago Rangel

Warning: link down!

johannchopin profile image

Indeed thanks a lot for the ping I updated it!

themattyg profile image
Matt Graham

Not to be a downer, but are these sites accessible? The first three are not at all. ThreeJS is inherently not accessible at all, the others don't use buttons for interactivity. Sure, they look good, but I wouldn't hire them based on those portfolios and if they did get to the interview stage, there would be some serious questions about accessibility.

igortrindade profile image
Igor Trindade

Great portfolio ideas, i had used some of them as inspiration while i built my new web portfolio:

acidop profile image
Zeeshan 馃帠

Hey yours's is super cool

igortrindade profile image
Igor Trindade

Thanks a lot bro 馃馃馃檹

tr11 profile image
Tiago Rangel

Looks like a mac, cool! Here's mine:

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

Great collection, just adding my portfolio so it may be inspirational

Whatsapp portfolio

atomtr profile image

Really cool list, it's hard to write a Developer Portfolio for a Fresher like me.
Here's mine, I hope you guys like it.

tr11 profile image
Tiago Rangel is awesome! I like the scaling animations. Here's mine:

lovepreetsingh profile image
Lovepreet Singh

馃敟 I really liked Bruno Simon's Portfolio. It is just mind blowing.

Kindly look into my Blog too and provide me the feedback

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