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Business or a Freelancer? Who are you?

At a simplistic level, broadly, the economics of financial growth can be attributed to two sets of classes - the businessmen, who run the business, and the hired workers, who help and contribute in the growth of the business.
Today, the hired class is steadily moving into the freelance space, due to the increasing influence of technology and various online marketplaces. The freelancers are emerging as a booming section of people who are hired remotely or part time by businesses to meet their various requirements. And here, comes the big question. On which side do you belong? Are you running a business or are you a freelancer?

To meet this demand and supply of companies and freelancers, many online sites and platforms have created a niche for themselves. Sites such as, eWomen, Truelancer, Upwork and Peopleperhour are some of the online marketplaces that bring the businesses and freelancers on the same page. Portals such as, eWomen cater to women freelancers alone, helping to tap the vast talented reserve of female candidates, who prefer freelance opportunities due to home and family commitments, as opposed to full time office positions.

For entrepreneurs and businesses

This is the age of startups as much as the age of well established companies. Besides all the other factors that go into developing a business, hiring is one of the most important aspects. For all companies, whether big or small, delegation of work and innovation and interactions of new ideas is the best way forward. Hence, hiring smart and efficient workers very often guarantees a spurt and more focus in the business. As an entrepreneur who wants to save on cost and not get into the logistics of handling full time employees, hiring freelancers is a perfect option.
Sites such as, eWomen, have registered and verified freelancers who list out their qualifications, preferences, skills and so on. As a company, you can register yourself with such websites, and find freelancers that match your requirement.

For freelancers

If you are a freelancer, well, these are really great times for you. The online space is crammed with hundreds of freelancing options, ranging from writing, HR, customer service, tourism, designing, banking, IT etc. However, freelancers often face the disadvantages of working with unseen clients, which include non-payment, delayed payment or unauthentic clients. This major worry has over time led to many cases where freelancers have either felt cheated or taken advantage of by businesses.

But behold!

You may not have to face these conditions again, due to the advent of various online marketplaces, such as, eWomen, Truelancer and so on. For example, eWomen verifies every registered company and searches for the best suited vacancy for its female freelancers. It helps set up interviews and makes sure that payment is credited at the completion of work. Chances of frauds are totally eliminated as well as, freelancers are exposed to a huge job market when they register themselves on eWomen, Truelancer and so on.

Finally, either as a business or as a freelancer, no matter on which side you belong, you have immense scope to build your career, grow yourself and learn and interact with great minds. So register yourself, log in and explore the world of online marketplaces.

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