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What's your morning routine?

Nočnica Fee
Actually the pug from Dune (1984)
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Being at home for 15 months forced me to figure out the morning routine that actually helped me, as I tried to enter a mental state where work felt easy.

I did everything from 'roll out of bed and immediately open my laptop' to 'two hours of self care before I even touch my phone' and have settled into something that works okay. For me the essentials are:

  • shower
  • light exercise
  • make a cup of coffee (I froth the milk with a cheap device that, 9 months later, is my favorite pandemic purchase)
  • drink coffee sitting in the back yard while the dogs run around
  • space out looking at TikTok for half an hour
  • sit down at my desk
  • realize an hour later that I didn't eat anything

And that's how it goes! What's your morning routine?

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motlib profile image
  • Get up at 5:10am
  • Prepare tea, eat a bit of bread with jam, honey or cheese (I guess typical German style breakfast)
  • Start work at around 5:45am - time to concentrate on some difficult tasks, as colleagues will not interrupt me before 8am.
  • get first coffee around 7am
  • Second breakfast (bread, cereals,...) around 9am
  • Perhaps another coffee if I feel sleepy
  • Lunch break from 12am to 1pm, eat something small, relax a bit
  • Definitely have a coffee after lunch break
  • End work around 3:30pm or 4pm
  • Run some errands, go out with my wife, play with the cats, cook dinner, whatever has to be done
  • Get sleepy between 9 and 10pm, get into bed, read something, scroll through twitter, watch videos, fall asleep

Note: Coffee has to be on a fixed schedule for me, otherwise I drink way too much...

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Margo McCabe

I feel this! I've definitely learned with working from home that it's helpful to still wake up early to have time before getting straight on the computer. I also try to do some combo of exercise / dog walk / breakfast / chill before logging on.

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Alex Lohr

Get up at 6, shower, ride my bike to the bakery, brew some espresso (2-4 cups in the morning) and have a breakfast, take my kids to the kindergarten, sit down to work; I first check my messages, pull repos and install updates if necessary. Then I prepare for the daily standup.

On Saturday, I stand up at the same time, shower and ride my bike to the market 14km from and buy fresh food for the week. When I return between 8-9, we have breakfast.

I sleep in on Sundays until 8, if the kids don't wake me earlier.

Good espresso is important for me. I'm sort of an instant human - just add espresso.

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Mark Adel
  • Wake up
  • Get out of bed
  • Sit on my desk
  • Work for 8 hours
  • Get back to bed and play chess on phone
  • Sleep
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Nočnica Fee Author

realizing after writing this I should have gotten that sweet sweet Amazon affiliate money for linking to a milk frother... oh well, It's a good milk frother IDK