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Ankur Dahiya for Run [X]

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We are RunX

Over the last 10 years, our team has built and led Devops teams at world-class companies like Lyft, Twitter, Facebook and Flexport. We have always believed that Devops is a force multiplier - a well built infrastructure can empower the engineers and greatly accelerate product delivery. We saw this first hand at Twitter and Flexport - where the velocity of features slowed down to a trickle due to broken and complicated infrastructure. And it was finally revitalized by amazing Devops and infra advances.

These experiences compelled us to start RunX - our goal is to synthesize years of expertise and package it as a service - to enable the next wave of revolutionary companies. We want every company to have the same infrastructure leverage as Facebook or Twitter. We want every Devops engineer to finally be free of monotonous operational issues and instead focus on solving the problems that are unique to their company. And finally, we want to bring the power of Docker and Kubernetes to every single organization.

RunX's mission is to supercharge every Devops team and we'd love for you to join us on this journey -

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