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Analytics Hub Data Exchange Platform

Analytics Hub is a data exchange platform that enables sharing of data and insights.
The core components of Analytics Hub are:

  • Analytics Hub Publisher: Publishes the data and share data at real time.

  • Listings: Enables sharing of data without replicating the shared data.

  • Analytics Hub Subscriber: Discover the data one is looking for, can combine data with existing datasets and leverage Bigquery for various analytics. When subscribed to a listing a linked dataset gets created in the project.

  • Analytics Hub Viewer: One can browse through the datasets that are accessible in Analytics Hub.

  • Analytics Hub Administrator: Create data exchange enabling data sharing. Grant permission to data publishers and subscribers to access these data exchanges.

Architecture Flow:

Image description
Shared datasets are the collection of tables and views defined by the data publisher.
Data subscriber get read only linked dataset inside their project and VPC perimeter that they can then combine with their own datasets. This is read only data.

Steps in creating and subsribing datasets in the analytics hub.

  1. Enable Analytics Hub API
  2. Create exchange by clicking on the Create Exchange link

Image description

Image description
Complete the details by providing Region, Display name etc. Setting permissions.

Image description

  1. Search for available listing and subscribing to the dataset

Image description

Filter for Trends and we find Google Trends data.

Image description

Image description
Add the dataset to our project.

Image description

We can run our queries and do various analytics and dashboarding.

Use Cases: Data sharing in real time.


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