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Sometimes you just want to make things work and not to think about names. Emojis here to help.

⚠️ Don't overuse it. Read about how people with vision impairments use emoji.


This is a BEM-like emoji classnames example.

.🦄 {
  height: 100%;
  display: grid;
  align-items: center;
  justify-content: center;
  background: cornsilk;

.🦄-header {
  font-size: 72px;
  color: violet;

And apply it:

<div class="🦄">
  <h1 class="🦄-header">
    Unicorns rule!


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Depends on how good you are on making money. Some people sell air in a can, so it's all up to you.


Yeah, and some people are the best developer in their medium to large sized Microsoft partner company. But I guess the product doesn't really matter, huh?

Product only matters. But you should to know what's your product is, to sell it properly. Is it a program, a thing or emotion.

Well no. The needs of your company matter. A product is a lower level concern.

The needs of your company matter.

This is what accepted by default. Same as your personal needs to be able to satisfy the company's.

Whether you like it or not you are a part of the company's survival. I know it sounds terrible but if you jeopardise that you get fired because the company as a whole is more important than you.

There are companies which survive for centuries. There are people who make the whole company to exist. It always depends on. And there is no right or wrong answer.


Fun approach! What's your preferred way of pasting in emojis in your code? Do you use any extenions?

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