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Google I/O Extended 2022 Kampala

Google I/O Extended is an annual developer event that takes place in different cities around the world held by local Google Developer Groups as an extended version of the main I/O conference in San Francisco.

The Google Developer Groups in Uganda in partnership with GDSC Makerere University hosted this year's event in Kampala on 25th June at MoTIV Uganda. The event was graced by a number of junior and senior developers including designers.

Each year we expect highly technical and in-depth sessions on advancing and emerging technologies in the different branches of tech from different experts in the field and the I/O Extended event provided this and so much more.

1. Solomon Opio, the leader of GDG and Tech Community lead at The Innovation Village flagged off the event, who briefly talked about Angular and Firebase technologies that were later explained in detail by the guest speakers.

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Google has added a number of exciting features and updates to its products. some of the features that stood out to me include;

  • Adding more remote and rural areas to the Google maps.
  • Have more natural conversations with Google Assistant
  • Introduction of lambda 2 which is an advancement to Natural Language Processing and conversational capabilities between computers and people.

We were graced by two remarkable guest speakers who provided technical details on different technologies.

2. Habib Sentongo

He talked about the state of Angular which is a web framework designed to support developers as they build scalable performance web applications where there is scaling your product as user demand increases or scaling your team to meet the growing technical needs Angular has been there for you and your teams.

Apps are now powered by the more efficient Ivy Engine which has improved type checking and error reporting, better debugging, smaller bundle sizes and more.

Getting Started with Angular has been improved through its documentation that has been made easy and simpler for developers getting started with learning the framework, API's and more useful Angular concepts. Check out the Docs Angular Documentation.

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2. Phillip Kigenyi

He talked about Firebase used for building apps and games developers love has been improved strengthening its integration with Google's most popular products and making their platform work better with the most popular developer ecosystem.
Extension events which is a great way for quickly adding features to your app with little to no code and has been made more customizable including extensions for marketing and payments.

Firebase hosting helps deploy your modern web applications faster and in a modern developer preview, you can deploy your firebase powered web applications built using Next js or Angular universal with a single deploy command.

Flutter and firebase integration which has been improved by greatly reducing the number of steps it takes to get started and no longer requiring to use any platform specific Integrated Development Environments(IDE's). Check out the official Docs Firebase

Overall, the Google IO Extended 2022 event was a great and insightful experience and I look forward to more from Google come 2023.
A few pictures to highlight the event.

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