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Discussion on: Adding an API and database to your Nuxt App with Prisma

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Ruheni Alex Author

Hey Mojtaba 👋

If you're referring to the database schema, you can use the db pull command that the Prisma CLI provides to introspect your database. You can then change the DATABASE_URL in the .env file from the main server to your local database instance, run db push or prisma migrate dev to apply the schema to your local database as well as generate a new Prisma Client.

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Mojtaba Barari • Edited on

Tanx. BTW a final question that you may know the answer to.
I'm trying to build an electron app with nuxt-prisma-sqlite . on dev everything is ok, but on built exe file my api wont be handled by express and it gives 404.
Did you have ever came across this??