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Rudransh Bhardwaj
Rudransh Bhardwaj

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Let's Code your Ideas ! 🔥

So , its a short post

sO , My brain is too small , (its smaller than a nut)

I want projects idea , I had made literally most of the things i wanted to make

Now I want to know some weird but funny idea

In the next post I will walk through my thought process (next post in Thoughts series) on making your project .

AND please I hate some common ideas like ecommerce , netflix clone and all .

I want something not very big not very time consuming and dependent on some particular technology , I want something unique and interesting to work

You can also get some ideas from here also ,

So , if I leave some ideas , you can make a it , and make a post on it (you 'thoughts' series)..

So ,ye

Thanks for all your ideas, I posted here because I thought this community is good !!

So , ye keep coding !!

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Dennis Tobar

hum... tricky request.
You may create a scraper bot to compare two sources of information (ie: Walmart / Costco) or a SaaS for monitoring some pages about cert expiry and response time.

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Rudransh Bhardwaj

Looks nice

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Rudransh Bhardwaj

Thanks for all your ideas