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5 Amazing Women to Follow

Nočnica Fee
Actually the pug from Dune (1984)
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For international women's day I gave to organizations that support trans people, protect sex workers, and pursue racial justice.

Once that hard work was done, it's time to have a bit of fun and follow some rad people on Twitter and DEV. Here's a few people I love to see when I get online.

Ali Spittel

A senior dev advocate at AWS and fantastic developer/educator/creator, Ali is one of those people who teaches me something every time I look at her work

Kat Cosgrove

Kat's acerbic wit has made me laugh more times than I can count. They also make cool Python stuff and encourage us all to do the actual work to make tech more inclusive

Aisha Blake

Aisha can't seem to stop building community wherever she goes. A dev rel person at New Relic, Aisha is organizing multiple conferences, streaming, and making cool nerdy stuff constantly.

Helen Anderson

Helen knows so much, and does so much to share it. A data hero at AWS, she also does the work to promote others and help the tech community.

Anna McDougall

I would be so pleased to half the energy and insight that Anna has. An engineer and YouTuber, just watching one of her videos gives me the energy to start a new project.

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