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Bootcamp Prework and Week 1

Bootcamp Prework and Week 1


I finished the Prework last week, I just forgot to make a post about my progress with this, so I wanted to recap myself and tell what I learned!

What I learned in the prework:

  • How to create a git repository using SSH keys
  • How to generate an SSH key
  • I have known HTML previously, however I learned a little more about how HTML works and got a better understanding of my existing HTML knowledge
  • I learned very basic CSS commands
  • I learned very basic Javascript paths: for, if, else if, variables, and arrays
  • I learned how to deploy a website

Some troubles along the way:

  • When deploying my website, it would not deploy. For some reason, it took more than two days of waiting for it to deploy, and still hadn't on the third day. To debug, I looked up my issue on google and discovered that sometimes I needed to add a jekyll file, regardless of if I needed jekyll. I added a .nojekyll file to my repo and it uploaded immediately.

Week 1:

I've made it past the first week! This was mostly review from the prework that I completed before class began, though there were some new things that I learned.

What I've learned this week:

  • I learned the difference between class and ID attributes
  • I learned how to create a repo using git init commands
  • I learned some simpler CSS stylings, like selectors, display properties, units, and fonts

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Juan F Gonzalez

Keep up the great work!

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Stefan Neidig

Great. Keep it up :)