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5 Ways to improve Customer Experience!

As the customer experience game is on, businesses now need to focus more on improving their Customer Experience. It doesn't matter what industry you play in, you are now competing in the business space based on the experience that you provide to your customers.

73% of the companies with above-average Customer Experience perform better financially than their competitors.

So, if you are still thinking that customer experience is something that you can ignore, you may be digging your organization into a hole that you may fail to climb out of. This is why companies these days are looking for ways to improve their customer experience that could help boost their business profits.

Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience.

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Ways to improve Customer Experience!

An excellent customer experience is important to increase customer engagement. It allows users to stay hooked to your services. People prefer brands that meet their expectations and keep them happy. If your products or services are able to offer an excellent customer experience, it will surely compel them to keep coming back to your brand.

Here in this blog, I have discussed top 5 ways to improve customer experience. Let's read these in detail.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a popular technology trend now. Its incredible benefits have completely revolutionized the business world. With the advent of AI-driven chatbots, Artificial Intelligence has improved Customer Experience thus allowing your customers to get instant answers to their queries without human intervention.

“Among the many technology trends shaping 2019 and beyond, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence when it comes to Customer Experience is one of the most promising one,” says Jessica Ekholm, VP Analyst, Gartner.

With the help of AI-driven chatbots, customers no longer have to wait in queues for getting their issues resolved. A chatbot helps to transform customer experience by minimizing the efforts it takes for a customer to get an issue resolved by the service agents.

Gartner predictes that by 2020, virtual agents like chatbots will manage around 85% of the customer interactions.

Thus, by solving queries instantly, AI-driven chatbots render an improved customer experience which keeps them coming back to your services. You can hire an AI developer who can help you in incorporating advanced AI techniques in your business projects to improve user experience.

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Provide enhanced Security to your Customers using Blockchain!

If you are curious to know how to improve user experience, then reading further will help. People prefer and trust businesses that take strict measures to enhance data security. This is where blockchain plays an important role. The use of blockchain in businesses impacts data security positively.

18 percent of consumer industry executives surveyed that the First Movers are working with and investing in blockchain today, says IBM.

With the use of blockchain, data loss is never a problem as the entire data is decentralized. It means that small chunks of data are stored across a variety of computers over the network. Blockchain offers enhanced security by rendering stronger encryption and validation with full signatures across the node.

By ensuring data security, the use of blockchain in businesses helps manage the customer retention process in real time. It also makes scalability easier without compromising security and can effectively distinguish between real and fake news. Thus, by solving data privacy concerns, blockchain technology helps to improve customer experience.

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Improved Personalization!

Improved personalization is another way to improve user experience. Based on the analysis of data related to customer shopping patterns, AI techniques allow businesses to get insights into customer behaviour and their likings. This helps companies to understand their customers' needs well.

By delivering products or services when and where your users desire helps you in staying connected with them. In return, you win loyalty of your customers towards your brand. Collecting information related to customers enables businesses to send personalized messages, emails and shopping recommendations to their targeted prospects.

According to the Annual Report of the State of IT 2019, buyers are more likely to spend 40% more on shopping than they planned, especially when they find personalized shopping experience.

Rendering an improved personalization keeps your customers satisfied and happy. This helps to improve customer experience and allure more users to your services which is necessary for your business growth. You can enhance customer experience by developing alluring apps. Here are some mobile app ideas that you can choose for your business requirements.

Projection Mapping!

Projection Mapping is another way to improve user experience. Do you know what Projection Mapping is? Let’s read further to know more about Projection Mapping and how it helps to improve user experience.

Projection Mapping is a technology that is used to turn common objects into interactive 3D displays.

The technology is useful in events when you need to make your audience feel like they are in a completely different environment. By giving an awesome experience to your customers that stands out from the rest, you can easily outperform your competitors prevailing in the market space.

Projection Mapping helps you grab the attention of your target audience. It has the ability to provide an engaging experience to your users with the help of visual simulation. This adds an element of interactivity and adds to the popularity of your brand.

For instance, you can use projection mapping to display a 3D visual of your car. It will let the users touch and feel the different features of the car using an interactive touchscreen.

Businesses these days are leveraging this offline marketing technique of projection mapping to turn their business into a brand. Offline interactive experiences such as these are essential for your business as they keep the audience connected with your brand.

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Mobile-first because mobile is usually the first impression!

When it comes to impressions - the first is what lasts! In order to ensure the success of your business, it's important to improve Customer Experiences across all points of interaction.

With the advent of the digital era, smartphones and mobile devices have become a common mode of interaction among consumers these days. Thus, it is essential that you improve your mobile experience in order to improve customer experience because,

Over 70% of all global traffic comes from mobile devices, 61% of consumers read emails on mobile phones and more than 95% of Facebook users are accessing the site on smartphones.

So, in order to push the top-line revenues for your business, it's important that you focus on improving mobile experiences, because it is the place where your customers are discovering, engaging and making purchases from your brand.

The Bottomline

After reading this article on how to improve customer experience, I am sure that you have a clear idea of ways to improve customer experience. Regardless of the kind of business you deal with, customer experience plays an important role in enhancing your business growth.

Customer is the king and you need to make consistent efforts to provide an excellent experience to your customers to keep them hooked to your services and products.

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