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5 Tips to choose a Framework for Front End Development!

The idea of creating a new product for your users can be a daunting task. There are plenty of challenges that enterprises face while choosing the right framework that fits their business requirements. How to choose a framework for front end application is a big question now.

Front-end frameworks are an important part of any product as they help users stay hooked to your services by offering a great user experience. So, it's important that you choose an apt framework for your business. For this, you need to analyze the market needs so as to study what features could motivate users to your app.

There are a number of front-end frameworks available in the market today that are backed by leading tech companies such as Angular by Google and React by Facebook. Here is some useful information on React. Let’s read it.

-475k websites on the web are use React.
-64.8% of javascript developers are currently using React.
-React is the first most popular front-end javascript framework.
-Github – 120.5k stars, 21k forks and 1200 contributors.

How to select a Framework for Front End Website Development?

One of the biggest recent advancements in web technology has been the advent of front-end JavaScript frameworks. A good framework offers an alluring user experience thus keeping your users hooked to your product. This is what any business would want.

Here, in this blog, I have discussed some important ways to choose a framework for front-end UI development. Let’s read these in detail.


Performance is one of the key factors that you need to consider while choosing a framework for the frontend website. Let’s continue with our discussion on how to select a framework for front end website development.

You need to make sure that the framework you choose performs well and meets your business requirements. Carefully read about its features and analyze it to know how it can be beneficial for your product. After doing a thorough research, acquire a deep understanding of the framework and its functionality.

Assess the performance of your framework and then ask yourself if it is an apt choice for your product. However, performance is not the only factor on the basis of which you should choose the framework. There are other factors too that you need to check while selecting a framework.


Let’s read further to learn about some important tips to choose a framework for front end dev. Productivity is one factor that you cannot afford to miss while knowing how to select a framework for front end website development.

You need to know and analyse it well how much time do you have to create your app. An "opinionated" framework is considered to be more productive. This means you need to work as per the conventions of the framework. By not leaving a lot of decision making tasks on you, an “opinionated” framework proves to be more effective.

Ember, for example, is a highly opinionated framework. Let’s read how. While using this framework, you are not left with many choices of yours. React framework offers a lot of flexibility to the developers.

Say for instance, while using Ember, the developers need to handle the URL routing the way Ember wants it. However, things are different while working with React. In React, the developers have the freedom to do URL routing the way they desire to do it.

React offers a lot of flexibility to its users and it is a great framework to create alluring front end applications. So, hire a Reactjs developer to leverage these benefits in your business applications.

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While productivity is one of the ways to choose a framework for front-end UI development, backing is the next in the list. It's important the frameworks you choose should be backed by popular names. For instance, Angular and React are backed by two Silicon Valley powerhouses (Google and Facebook, respectively).

Why is it important for the frameworks to have a backing. A backing with a particular framework signifies its reliability. It's very obvious that the frameworks linked with popular brands ought to perform better than newly launched frameworks available in the market.

Adding further to the discussion- How to choose a framework for front end application, one thing is important. You need to be aware of the latest frameworks being launched in the market. Make sure to read its functionality and how it will perform in other environments.


It's important to know all about the framework that you would be choosing for frontend development. A lot of questions may arise to know more about the framework that you want to use for front end development. Get to know about the merits and demerits of your application by checking the Github projects.

It is advisable to check out the number of stars and contributors, and the frequency of commits on github for each framework. This will help you know how popular your framework is within the developer community. You can also check out the reviews to assess its performance. Checking on StackOverflow tags to see how often people raise questions about a particular framework.

Checking reviews about your framework in the developer community is one of the greatest tips to choose a framework for front end dev.

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Your Team!

While knowing more on the tips to choose a framework for front end development, it's important that you are aware of the capabilities of your own team. Make sure that your team likes the framework that you choose.

It might be possible that your programmers have a prior knowledge about some frameworks while they might be ignorant about the other frameworks. In case, if your developers know one technology really well, then you should consider choosing this for front end development.

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The Bottomline

By now, I am sure, you have got a clear idea of the ways to choose a framework for front-end UI development. It is the framework that allures users to your product and choosing the right one decides whether your users will come back again or repel. A bad user experience is a big turn off. It can draw away the targeted users coming to your product.

So, choosing a right framework is important for your business to grow and prosper. Read the above discussed steps in detail and make the right decision before choosing a framework for front end development.

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