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Discussion on: September 9th, 2021: What did you learn this week?

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Saif Islam • Edited on

This week, I had,

  • A few things at home to windup and get fixed

  • Started University again, 7th semester. Learning about the .NET Framework, Information & CyberSecurity, Professional Practies & Ethics In IT, and finally, I have a my first class tomorrow for "Design, Defects & Restructuring"

  • I had some free time this week ... so I started working towards a quick specialization, "Computer Security and Systems Management Specialization", I've just started the 2nd out of 4 courses from the specialization.

  • Podcast habit. I've been continuously listening to podcasts whenever I can. I think I've listened to about 4-5 sessions already - and I'm really excited to listen to more

  • Managed sleep schedule - I count this as an achievement with my ongoing Uni

  • Spent quality time with friends - for me, this is very essential. Life behind a screen can sometimes become boring

  • Choose Open Source projects that I'll be contributing to over till next year starts. Yay!

  • Just published an article on!

  • Will be staying in touch with the Jenkins team on Slack to contribute to the "Jenkins Summit - DevOps World"! Woohoo!

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Nick Taylor Author


A T-Rex saying Yeah!

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Saif Islam