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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Saif Islam

Well I,

  • Finished my internship at MLH & Mapillary, Facebook this Monday
  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Published an article about my MLH experience on
  • Got some house chores done finally
  • Got my car fixed
  • Got new sunglasses!
  • Had a 1-to-1 with someone this week
  • Got invited to be a part of FOSS4G
  • Just resting before University starts
  • Writing a project proposal
  • Deciding on adopting new tech related hobbies. Life shouldn't be all work. Hobbies are an important part of a personality
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Peter Mortensen • Edited on

What kind of hobbies, in particular?

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Saif Islam

I have a few ideas,

  • Writing more articles on devto (duh)!
  • Contributing to Open Source, for the sake of Open Source. I am seeing (coming from South Asia) the trend of doing "Open Source" for "glamour" or part of Uni prestige. I honestly just want to do it because I feel really passionate and happy about it. For example, I can spend 2-3 hours doing this thing for this Open Source project ... just because I love what the project is doing
  • Listening to more podcasts. In fact, just this morning to "Every Commit Is A Gift", Great talk!
  • Participating in hackathons and DevRel stuff. If I start coding, I just can't work on something for 1-2 hours, and then completely forget about it. I'll probably be coding on something for a week to make it better and better, like a sprint. DevRel seems easier to do. If I like something, I might just lurk on that something's forum and answer questions! Makes me feel like I "belong' to a community