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Why do you contribute to opensource?

rubiin profile image Rubin ・1 min read

Being an opensource user, I felt like I should give back something of value back to the community. Also, I get to learn new stuffs and pick few tricks while I was solving a problem and get to know new people who are also contributing in ways.
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travisboss profile image

Keeps me busy, idle hands are the devils playground.

A few projects I usually work on are:

  1. I host two github pages sites.
  2. Contribute to rust-lang website when I can.
  3. Saw a theme for vim I like but had an issue with some of the colors, forked it and now maintain that version.
  4. Saw a vim plugin I liked but thought it was too bloated so trimmed it and now maintain that.
  5. Someone started a wireguard vpn script, noticed a lot of spelling and array errors. Submitted a PR.

Github has become my social media.

rubiin profile image
Rubin Author

same here. I always have a tab open for github. Normally I go around fixing any bugs i could find or add a new feature

ehorodyski profile image
Eric Horodyski

It helps me with my job. If I find a bug I can fix it, submit it, and leave the maintenance to the owners.

Since open source is open source, you typically get a faster turnaround time. For instance, if I found a bug in SharePoint 2013, I'd have to submit it and pray they fix it in time that doesn't affect my bottom line.

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Rubin Author

yeah thats the beauty of opensource. You can know what is causing it and perhaps suggest a solution

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Zohar Peled

Pretty much the reasons you've listed.