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Measure function execution time in golang

For some reason you may want to keep a track of how much long a function takes to do a certain task in golang, maybe for performance evaluation.Here is a function that tracks the execution time of a complete function call with this one-liner, which logs the result to the standard output.

func timeTrack(start time.Time, name string) {
    elapsed := time.Since(start)
    log.Printf("%s took %s", name, elapsed)

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The usage is fairly simple and straight forward. Defer the call to this function before doing the actual function call.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

defer timeTrack(time.Now(), "Timer")

// your code goes here


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Kevin Ard

I wrote a similar handler very early in my Go studies out of curiosity. I remember how blown away I was when I first saw decimal microseconds 🤯

Started when I honestly thought I'd made an error - I was sending messages to a rabbit backend and the in rate was orders of magnitude beyond what I expected. Lol thought I was skipping processing or something and spent HOURS step debugging out of distrust 😂

rubiin profile image

same. I was also trying to measure the performance improvements with and without goroutines on a project