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Getting away with Hactoberfest

rubiin profile image Rubin ・1 min read

As hacktoberfest is near, I was too bored to search around some great projects to contribute. So I thought I will contribute to of my projects in typescript. I will be adding some more cool features in the module so any extra hands on the deck is highly appreciated. Feel free to fork and tweak around

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Manage nestjs configs on the go 🔥

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Nestjs-easyconfig loads configs from your .env (Wraps dotenv module) ⚙️ 🔥


$ npm install nestjs-easyconfig
$ yarn add nestjs-easyconfig


With config file supplied (basic):

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { EasyconfigModule } from 'nestjs-easyconfig';
  imports: [EasyconfigModule.register({ path: './config/.env' })],
export class AppModule {}

With config file supplied and safe set to true:

import { Module } from '@nestjs/common';
import { EasyconfigModule } from 'nestjs-easyconfig';
  imports: [EasyconfigModule.register({ path: './config/.env', safe: true })],
export class AppModule {}

By default safe is set to false. When safe is set to true, the module compares the supplied env file with the sample env file to find missing keys…


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