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International Women's Day Events

Hi DEV community!

I've been getting involved in a lot of diversity, equity, & inclusion activities lately both in and outside of work, and I wanted to let everyone know about these two virtual events coming up on International Women's Day on Monday March 8th, 2021!

Both of these events are FREE to attend and have all-day talks, panels, workshops, networking, and more. Last year I attended Codeland:Distributed 2020 and LTX Fest and was super impressed by the organization and representation of diverse groups, and I'm looking forward to attending them both again this year, in addition to these IWD events!

Elevate 2021

From their website: "Join thousands of women sharing, empowering and elevating each other – don’t miss the 4th annual Girl Geek X: Elevate virtual conference for mid-to-senior level women.

A full day of talks on leadership, resilience, inclusive research, modernizing mobile codebases, strategies for remote teams, security, AI, and more!"


From their website: "The conference will showcase women in tech (cis, trans, non-binary) and their craft, through a variety of talks (example - coding, testing, web, mobile, games, enterprise systems, frontend, backend, devops, cloud, IoT, accessibility, cybersecurity, infosec, AI, machine learning, deep learning, data science, robotics, AR, VR, MR, blockchain, innovation, opensource, UX/UI/Design, product management, project management, etc) as well as career, personal development, startups, business, strategy, and inspirational talks.

Workshops and panel discussions will be led by women and/or allies."

Are you planning on attending or do you know of any other events? What topics are you looking forward to? Feel free to share in the comments or message me here on DEV!

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