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Listen, I--the official website of Double Fine productions--need a break. I have been at it for 20 years--Making jokes, hosting comics, killing mice, and briefly trying to take over the world. And I am one tired, old website.



They don't give a F? That's very true. They'll sell you a game that they know doesn't work and then ignore the mountain of people on the forum trying to get support for it. They'll delete your requests before responding.

No amount of social media engineering is going to redeem them as far as I'm concerned.


It's like a copy pasted email. Extreme #brutalist, but it lacks of some charm to me 🤭


Nice and simple. Plus One for Dark Mode.


Ever seen the band Vulfpeck's website - vulfpeck.com/ ?

Loves it.

Better yet, how about Brendan Fraser's - brendanfraser.com/ ?

Double loves it.


Maybe they need a 3 billion$ kickstarter project for their website.