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React-admin as a low code library to build CRM

LowCode tools let you generate code files of an application in a structured way using a visual drag and drop tool.

NoCode tools let you generate an app with a visual drag and drop tool which but may not have the code structured in a way which can be continued/maintained manually.

So choosing a #nocode platform sometimes becomes risky.

While building a CRM for our D2C brand, we have multiple options like ERPNext or Strapi.

we at Harold Electricals went for a simple mongo,express and react setup to start with.

While choosing a react library we came across react-admin.

This is an amazing #lowcode tool which gives you full customization control along with lowcode development feel.

Check out a 30 minute guide on this link

If you are using lowcode tools, then strapi, rowy are some good tools for building #lowcode backend systems.

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Hey Rajat! Thanks for the cool feedback! 😃 Keep up the great work!